About Us



Global Dynamics was started in 1996 as a Training and Consultancy firm by Karthigesu Sivalingam. Today, we have trained more than 500,000 people in various fields both in hard skills and soft skills. We are also aligned with 20 other associate trainers in various fields of expertise so that we can customize and offer a complete training solution package to our esteemed clients.


To ensure that each person that is trained by us is:

  • Enriched mentally and financially.
  • Able to realize their full potential for personal leadership and personal excellence.
  • Able to improve their self image and their self motivation by altering their attitudes, behaviors and work ethics through mind programming.
  • Able to develop a healthy working and personal relationship with those around them.
  • Able to align their personal goals with their career goals.
  • Able to appreciate, understand and apply the Law of Attraction to create their envisioned life.

To ensure that each client that solicits our services is:

  • Able to create a set of leaders to grow and move their organization to a higher level.
  • Able to achieve optimum productivity, excellent customer service, enhanced efficiency and a high return on investment for their capital investment.
  • Happy with the high level of sustainability in the attendees of our programs.