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10 Tips to have an awesome day

How is your day going? Are you ascertained that today will go through to be a great one? Do you know that you have the option and the ability to shape your day? No one can make your day a bad one unless you allow them. It is completely up to you to decide how you are going to take things that happen today. You are the decision maker of how your day will turn out to be – you are in charge of the steering the ship.


Below are some tips to help you make it a wonderful day:-

1.  Begin your day by being thankful for what you have and for what the day anticipates. Write down what you are truly grateful for. It is also recommended to use a gratitude diary to note down more things that you are thankful for as your day goes along. If you do not currently have a gratitude journal, why not start one today. You will be totally amazed at how it can build your positive thinking.

2.  Be aware that you are the captain of your own ship.  Make the choice right now that you are going to look for the positive in everything that comes about today.

3.  Decide to be happy and cheerful, to laugh and play as much as you will be able to today. Focus your attention to see the funnier side of life. Share your joy and laughter with other people. Remember a joy shared is a joy doubled.

4. Live your intentions. Be sure your appraises and goals are in alignment and live them large. Stay genuine to yourself and what you believe.

5. Do something special for yourself today. You are allowed to give a surprise to yourself. It does not have to be anything big or expensive. Just think of something that would make you happy and do it for yourself. No other reason is required. Treat yourself well because you acknowledge that you are important and worthy.

6. Do something nice for somebody else today. Make it an unexpected treat like paying for someone’s coffee or lunch. Maybe you could get some flowers and spread them around to people you see during the day. Make someone smile and you will also feel great.

7. Do something completely silly. Break away from your normal routine. Do not take yourself too seriously. Make somebody laugh at you or better yet laugh with you. Life is meant to lived fully.

8. Show your affectionate and love to somebody who might not expect it. Surprise them with a special word or note. Make their day happier. When you see others happy, you will feel the same too. Good things tend to be reciprocated back. So, do it more often.

9. Smile at everyone you see today – give them a big smile and a cheery hello. Smile is free and it can do wonders. They will answer to you the same way and that will make you feel good too.

10. Celebrate how great you feel. You don’t have to have a party or anything like that just be joyful and take a moment to celebrate.

Aren’t they easy and fun to do? Have a fantastic day then!

Train the Trainer

Ms Moinah

moinah abdul jalil

Ms.Moinah was previously the Corporate Affairs and Communication Manager at one of the leading banks in Malaysia. Moira has more than 27 years of experience in the Finance and Banking industry, holding managerial positions in various departments at the bank. She was a Line Trainer at the Bank and has facilitated training programs in the areas of Developing Operational and Managerial Excellence.

Moinah is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer / Facilitator, having been certified by Michael J Losier, the author of the No. 1 Best seller in 32 countries, ‘The Law of Attraction : The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less  Of What You Don’t’.

Moinah has more than 5 years of training experience and she has successfully facilitated and conducted over 100 training sessions relating to personal and performance development using Law of Attraction to create experiential learning sustainability for various levels of staff at Maybank, CIMB, Wawasan TKH, TECHART, TNB, MAXIS, JKR , XANGO, ATOS Services,  AMWAY (Malaysia)  and Sri KL School, Taylor’s University amongst others.

Moinah have facilitated and trained more than 2000 staff at various levels in the areas of Leadership Skills and Development, Clerical and Executive Development Program, Achieving Customer Service Excellence, Communication and Personal and Professional Relationships , Achieving Personal and Performance Excellence, Achieving Performance Excellence in Leadership, Personal Grooming and Image Transformation, Team Building for Young Adults and Managers and Getting Abundance of Health, Wealth and Happiness in your Life thru Law of Attraction

Moinah conducts her training session in a highly energised and creative manner to connect easily with the participants. Her easy rapport and keen interpersonal skills, make her a highly in demand facilitator who is skilled in guiding learners through engaging, breakthrough learning opportunities. Passionate about people, versatile, innovative with strengths in training she successfully deliver• topics with clarity, creativity and enthusiasm and she is focused on successful training outcomes, at all levels.

Mr Premanand Kusalavan

PremanandMr. Premanand Kusalavan is a trainer at Global Dynamics, a training and consultancy firm. Trained as an engineer by profession, Mr. Premanand received his Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) from Multimedia University and subsequently worked as an engineer at several multinational electronics company for 10 years at various assignments.

With last position as a staff engineer in a leading data storage equipment manufacturer, Mr. Premanand later found his passion in training and obtained his certification as a corporate trainer from Global Dynamics and followed his heart on training others in the line of personal development, personal excellence, goal setting and brain power.

With straight-forward strategies and convincing examples, Mr. Premanand’s presentations are a skillful balance of cutting-edge content and engaging stories with hilarious audience interaction. Participants leave with tools and template to re-energize, re-engage and transform themselves for betterment.

Ms Jecintha Anthonysamy


Jecintha Anthonysamy is a  Educator, Facilitator and Trainer  by profession. She is a certified Training Consultant  with Global Dynamics. She has obtained her Bachelor of  Education (Hons.)  from University Science Malaysia and  her Masters in English as Second Language from University Malaya. She has also a diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology from Linguistic Council (Singapore).She has done Certificate of Education Studies in Learning Disorders Management and Language Development, Certificate of Education Studies in Child Psychology and Counseling from College of Teachers (London, UK).

Jecintha has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of education. She has worked both in rural and urban settings, managing students and adult learners of different abilities and needs. She has trained in-service teachers in various Teachers Training Institutes. Jecintha is also into performing arts and a part – time teacher with Helen O’grady School of Drama.

Jecintha has also researched, designed and facilitated training programs in areas of Communication, Personal Development, Motivation, Personality Profiles, Personal Excellence, Team Building and Leadership.

Some of Jecintha’s clients are Ministry of Education, the Negeri Sembilan and Federal Territory Education  Department and Teachers Training Institutes.

Jecintha is a impactful presenter who speaks from her heart. She is able to capture the audience attention and relate to people of all levels.

Ms Jannatul Ferdaws Mohamed Siddik

Jana300x300Ms Jannatul Ferdaws Mohamed Siddik is a Certified Corporate Trainer with Global Dynamics. She has a Computer Technology background. She has overall 14 years of working experience in Banking and IT sectors. Her expertise are in the areas of International Banking, Account Maintenance, Global Payments, Sanction Payments, Validation, Internet Payments, Investigation of Account Take Over, Agency Arrangement, Relationship Management Authorization, Software Solutions, Troubleshooting  IT problems, Asset Management and Report on Identity Theft.

Ms Jannatul was responsible to set up  and create training plans, design training materials and contents etc. for a training department in a MSC company that serves a  Malaysian Government department. She planned and organized nationwide  training for all levels (from clerical to director).

Ms Jannatul also has experience in training new process migrations and systems migrations. She worked abroad (UK and Hong Kong) for short assignments and is an expert in this subject. Upon her return, she has effectively planned, organised and conducted the trainings for the staff in HSBC.

Ms Jannatul has researched and facilitated in the areas of Motivation, Personal Development, Communication, Supervisory Skills, Coaching, Mentoring and Customer Service.

Ms Jannatul is accredited in Call Coaching, Developing the Leader in You and Leadership Development Programs.

Ms Jannatul  is an excellent motivator and  always maintains her professionalism.  She ensures that trainings are conducted in an effective manner, adheres  to the client’s requirement and suits the audience.

Mr Rakesh Naidu

rakesh300Rakesh Naidu K. is a Certified Trainer under Global Dynamics. He graduated from Multimedia University with a degree in Software Engineering (Hons.) and has 8 years’ experience in the industry of manufacturing IT, also known as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). With deep knowledge of manufacturing processes, production demands and IT integration in few of the world’s top semiconductor firms, he has both the technical know-how and experience of how people and process are synergized in an efficient, demand oriented and commonly chaotic environment.

Rakesh has a deep-rooted passion optimizing process and organizational excellence, which landed him a position as the Supply Chain Manager in a respected, well established publishing house in Malaysia. It is here that his prowess in putting people & process together into efficient models of productivity & effectiveness lead to the organization-wide effort to shift the existing paradigm of productivity – from one with is department-focused, essentially silo-centric working practice to one which looked at the entire organization as a well-oiled, lean & process oriented powerhouse. Its success was contributed to Rakesh’s excellent people skills and honest approach to the benefits of this change effort.

Additionally, Rakesh has also researched & facilitated in the areas of Personal Excellence, Motivation & Communication. He has worked with management teams – ranging from administrative staff to senior management – of several organizations in the areas of strategic business development, organizational development and process optimization. Among organizations who have benefited from his foresight & capabilities are Oxford Fajar, Texas Instruments and ON Semiconductor.

Rakesh is a sought after trainer due to his animated nature, confidence, clarity, excellent interaction with participants and vast experiences in the manufacturing environment.

Mr Mohamed AL Ashraf Varusai Mohamed

MOHAMED-AL-ASHRAF-BIN300Mr. Mohamed Al Ashraf Varusai Mohamed is a Certified Training Consultant with Global Dynamics, a training and consultancy firm. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Ottawa University, Kansas, USA.

Mr. Mohamed Al Ashraf has worked for the last 13 years in various industries such as Banking, Oil & Gas and Education. His areas of expertise are Branch Operations, Islamic Banking Research & Development, Business Development, Asset Management, International HR and Contract Management.

Mr. Mohamed Al Ashraf has also researched and facilitated in the areas of Personal Development, Customer Service, Motivation, Communication, Supervisory Skills, Team  Building & Personal Excellence.

Mr. Mohamed Al Ashraf has worked with the management teams (from the junior level to the middle management) of many organisations to create change and focus in the areas of Human Resource, Asset Management and Business Development. His greatest strength is his ability to get each of his participants to strive for personal excellence in their area of expertise.

Some of Mr. Mohamed Al Ashraf’s in house clients are the Public Bank Bhd, PETRONAS, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Tabung Haji, Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia and Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

Mr. Mohamed Al Ashraf  is a much sought after speaker as he is a   humorous and engaging communicator.

Sheila Menon

SheilaMenonSheila Menon is a certified corporate trainer and educator by profession. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the USA and a further 1st Class Honours Degree in the Teaching of English as a Second Language from Open University Malaysia. She is currently working towards her Postgraduate Degree in Education and Management.

Sheila is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, having been certified by Michael J. Losier, the author of the No. 1 Best Seller in 32 countries, ‘The Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t’.  She is also a Certified Corporate Trainer, trained by Master Trainer, Mr. Karthigesu Sivalingam, the Principal Consultant of Global Dynamics, a highly reputed Training and Consultancy firm.  She has facilitated programs in the areas of Personal Development, Change Management, Personal and Professional Excellence, Impactful Business Writing and Conversation, having trained for leading organisations such as Maybank, CIMB, Alstom, Labuan FSA, Rotary Clubs and others.

She has many years of experience in training and management, having worked for a multinational engineering and management company and a leading international conglomerate as a District Manager. During her tenure, she was responsible for the training and management of dealers, developing her dealer base from 800 to 8000 in just 4 years, appointing and training new franchisees besides overseeing the operations of the company outlets in her district.

Sheila has, over the last 12 years, been working with teachers and students of the English Language, training and coaching new programs and methods of teaching. She is on the committee of the Malaysian English language Teaching Association, facilitating and organizing programs for teachers in East Malaysia and furthermore, working with the British Council to conduct training for these teachers.  She has several been invited to judge the state level public speaking and drama competitions for schools.  She also lectures on Business Communication at Open University Malaysia.

Sheila is known for her warmth, candor, humor, compassion and her ability to make people feel comfortable while accepting and adopting the objectives of any training. She is also actively involved in charity work.  She is an active Rotarian having been the Secretary of the Rotary Club of Sandakan, Sabah, now with the Rotary Club of Kota Melaka and a Paul Harris Fellow.