Mr Rakesh Naidu

rakesh300Rakesh Naidu K. is a Certified Trainer under Global Dynamics. He graduated from Multimedia University with a degree in Software Engineering (Hons.) and has 8 years’ experience in the industry of manufacturing IT, also known as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). With deep knowledge of manufacturing processes, production demands and IT integration in few of the world’s top semiconductor firms, he has both the technical know-how and experience of how people and process are synergized in an efficient, demand oriented and commonly chaotic environment.

Rakesh has a deep-rooted passion optimizing process and organizational excellence, which landed him a position as the Supply Chain Manager in a respected, well established publishing house in Malaysia. It is here that his prowess in putting people & process together into efficient models of productivity & effectiveness lead to the organization-wide effort to shift the existing paradigm of productivity – from one with is department-focused, essentially silo-centric working practice to one which looked at the entire organization as a well-oiled, lean & process oriented powerhouse. Its success was contributed to Rakesh’s excellent people skills and honest approach to the benefits of this change effort.

Additionally, Rakesh has also researched & facilitated in the areas of Personal Excellence, Motivation & Communication. He has worked with management teams – ranging from administrative staff to senior management – of several organizations in the areas of strategic business development, organizational development and process optimization. Among organizations who have benefited from his foresight & capabilities are Oxford Fajar, Texas Instruments and ON Semiconductor.

Rakesh is a sought after trainer due to his animated nature, confidence, clarity, excellent interaction with participants and vast experiences in the manufacturing environment.